How To Sell Your House in 5 Days

  • June 13, 2023
  • June 20, 2023
  • Shaz Nawaz
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The course of life is unpredictable. There are many reasons for one to sell a home fast, like divorce, financial problems, job relocation, etc. Such pressing motivations force you to sell your home quickly, let’s say, in five days. Let’s find out how to sell your house in 5 days.

Is it Possible to Sell a Home Within Five Days of its Listing?

Life is moving so fast that there is no such as impossible. As newer technologies surface, the priorities of the public change. And so, there opens a world of infinite possibilities in every market, including real estate.

There are certain tips that are largely helpful to ensure a quick sale of the house.

How To Sell Your House in 5 Days

How to Sell Your House in 5 Days in the UK

It may seem like a daunting task to sell your house in such a compact time frame, but it is possible through the following methods:

Cash Offer

The most feasible option to sell your house in 5 days, consider selling the house to a cash buyer. This process bypasses the traditional process of real estate.

This process does not involve time-consuming steps, such as the following:

  • No repairs or prior listing.
  • There will not be any displays.
  • Property evaluation will not take place.
  • There will not be any open houses.
  • No delays or financing contingency.

Undoubtedly, they offer quickly, but at the same time, their offer is likely to be far below what you could get in a non-rush sale. Since these companies need to make money to survive in the market, they buy readily and then resell the house to earn a profit from that property.

If your goal is to get the best price and can wait, then consider selling a home through a traditional sale process. Implementing the right real estate selling tips will ensure you land at ideal results.

Hire an Experienced Agent

There are different strategies to sell your home quickly. One of the central strategies of the fast traditional sale is to hire a knowledgeable real estate agent. A few things are important to understand before hiring an agent like previous sale records in your area. When interviewing an agent ask them a list of their recent sale history and plan for selling your home, including the original listing price, the final price of sale, and the total days on the market.

An experienced agent in real estate will know how to market and price your home according to the current trends of the market. If you price your home below the market trend, the open market gives you the option of making multiple offers.

Based on their professional expertise, they can best protect your interest by marketing and negotiating on your behalf. You don’t have to figure out how to sell your house in 5 days all by yourself. By working with a listing agent, you can get a competitive advantage. According to a survey, 87% of home buyers employed an agent in 2021. An agent protects you from involving yourself in stress-related legal issues like hosting showing, providing legal disclosures and contracts, and negotiating contingencies.

Out-Of-The-Box Marketing Makes a Difference

If you have decided to sell your home, then apply unconventional marketing strategies with your agent, such as:

  • Print ads, postcards, and physical signs
  • Sharing on the Facebook Marketplace and Facebook profile

According to the research data of the PEW, major social media platforms play a huge role. In the last year, 69% of adults used Facebook, 81% used YouTube, and 40% used Instagram. Not to mention Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, TikTok and Pinterest.

Price Less Than Comparables

Comparables are comparative market analysis that reviews homes of similar age, size, and features within an area. Listing your home for less than the trending price will quickly attract buyers to help make a quick sale.

The low price of the home creates a lot of interest among the buyers, which brings floods of offers. When there are a lot of offers, you demand the final price far above the original asking figure.

This strategy works the best in a seller’s market where home prices are steady or going upward. If the number of houses is greater than the number of buyers in the market, then you have less chance of receiving multiple offers and may conclude your sale lower than expected.

At the same time, pricing too significantly less than the local comps creates doubts among the buyer that there is a serious problem in the house that might later create a problem for them.

Offer Attractive Incentives for Buyers

Attractive financial incentives can attract and convince buyers to fast buy your home. For example, offer a “one day only” sale paying the closing costs or prepaying the property taxes for the next two years. Likewise, you can offer to provide amenities for the home such as a hot tub or appliances.

Clean up Clutter.

First, make all the necessary repairs and get out of your toolbox. Some things may be minor, like small holes in the drywall while something significant HVAC system. Before offering a home for inspection, fix everything that may spoil the beauty of your home or distract the attention of the buyer.

After cleaning up clutter, organise your home. Now your home looks more welcoming and feels larger. A cluttered home leaves an unpleasant impression and gives a stressful vibe to the buyers. Remove some furniture, hide the garbage, take down personal items, and open your home.

The next step in your guide on how to sell your house in 5 days is to update the colour scheme. Paint the walls of the home with a neutral colour, bring in plants for a comforting feel, and take down drapes and heavy wall hanging.

Finally, use the garage to store the things you have collected during the process of decluttering. Make sure to store things neatly and orderly.

Stage Your Home for Buyers

When you are staging a home, it means little rearranging the furniture and redecorating the home. A well-decorated home creates the environment for the buyer to envision himself living in your home.

If you have a design sense, you can stage yourself. If not, then hire a professional designer to do it for you. Even some real estate agents may give you suggestions or help you stage your home.

Ask your agent about the demand of the local market. There might be certain design trends like expressionistic lighting or indoor or outdoor living possibilities of the home.

Consider staging your home for the office, since working from home is increasingly becoming a trend. Professional jobs are increasingly becoming remote.

Dress Up Your Home Appealing

Decorate your home so nicely and perfectly, that buyers say, “Wow!” when they drive up.

Start by adding some colour and freshening up the exterior paint. Planted window boxes, colourful shutters, and matching porch chairs can leave positive impacts on the mind of the buyer.

If overgrown bushes or trees are hiding your home, consider removing them entirely or giving them trimming. Houses with unruly landscapes present a neglected image and cost you in the deal. Hence, that is how to sell your house in 5 days.

The Number of Viewings Needed to Sell a Property.

In a world where things work out for us, the first person who sees your property might want to buy it. Usually, that is not the case. It depends on the state of the market. During hot markets, there is a higher demand for property and during cold markets, the demand decreases. Still, speaking in terms of average, ten viewings are necessary to sell a home.

The number of properties during a hot market is few. Therefore, there will probably be more potential buyers who view each property. They can range from eleven up till twenty-one or maybe more.

In contrast, there will be fewer viewings in a cold market. On average, there can be around nine viewings before selling a property. Potential buyers only view a home they are interested in, as there are plenty of options available for them.

Within the first few days, you can get a couple of viewings. The estate agents push properties that are new on the market rather than the old ones. If no potential buyers show up, then it is best to reconsider the price of your property and your estate agent. Hopefully, you are no longer wondering what is the secret to a fast sale of a property?


Although there are plenty of methods to sell a house, selling quickly requires a specific set of steps. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. Having experience in the property business gives you an edge when it comes to selling as soon as possible.

Navigating through the twists and turns of property investment can be easier with the help of expert advice. Make sure to reach out to the right people for consultation. Remember, cash buyers will act quickly, but the downside is that they might not pay the full market value of your home. In comparison, estate agents can get you a better price, but it comes with fewer guarantees. So, assess your pros and cons.

When deciding how to sell your house, you must assess the time you have available and the level of risk you’re willing to accept. Once you’ve considered these factors, you can choose the most suitable method for selling your property.

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