” Shaz has saved us well in excess of 60k in corporation tax and 40k to 50k in personal tax for each director.”

Making IT systems work is what OCS do best…


OCS-UK IT has been trading for 18 years. It incorporated as a limited company in 2011.

The business supports its clients with maintenance, installation and consulting work. The owners are committed to ensuring their clients have a superb and uninterrupted IT service. They realise that their clients count on IT as an important part of the business. For each second the IT system is down it’s costing the business owner lost revenue. OCS-UK IT ensure they mitigate this for their clients.

They also provide a range of consulting services to enable their clients to create better IT systems and working practices. This means their clients are always using latest technology to run their businesses. In a nutshell they realise time is more and they do all they can to ensure their clients are running effective IT systems.

“We get down to the core issues with aa accountants without messing around. This then helps us to focus on our business.”

All systems seemed down

The owners of the business felt their previous accountant “did not understand their business.”  This meant that their “affairs were not handled in an effective manner.” They wanted to work with someone who could understand their business and more importantly ‘get’ how they work.

They felt that their business was suffering due to a lack of business and tax advice. This hampered growth and this was cause worry to the owners.

Team OCS-UK IT realised they needed help with the following:
Improvements included

Speeding up the systems

OCS-UK IT were referred to aa accountants by an existing client. They immediately saw the crystal clear difference in what they were currently getting and what they would get by working with aa accountants.

They could see that they would receive better business and tax advice.

They were shown how much tax they would save by incorporating as a limited company and this was an eye-opener for them. They were ready to make that all important move.

Extra RAM to speed up the systems…

aa accountants incorporated the business and saved the company over 60k in corporation tax. Above and beyond this each director saved over 40k each in personal tax.

Client Comments

“The investment in aa accountants was the right thing to do”


Ronnie Lyons Director, OCS-UK IT

OCS-UK IT has grown since working with aa accountants. The business is more profitable as a direct result.

Not only this but by using Xero the business has a much better handle over its financial affairs. Cash flow has been improved by the introduction of GoCardless. The business is growing and most importantly the business owners have peace of mind.

Kerry Blake Director, OCS-UK

Shaz doesn’t bullshit. He says it as it is. His advice is not predefined. aa accountants will help you keep up-to-date with all the changes in legislation. They will always give you advice which will benefit you and your business. They always do what they say they will do.

If you want a proactive firm of professional accountants who know their field, are efficient and who’ll always look after your best interests then aa accountants is the firm you need to work with.

Ronnie Lyons Director, OCS-UK IT

“Shaz has helped us with our core offer and our pricing structure which has enabled us to better sell our products and services.”

“aa accountants has a wide skill-set and they can help anyone. They have saved us a lot of tax over the years. Just come and speak to Shaz or his colleagues. You’ll be surprised at what they can do for you.”

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