"Working with Shaz and the team at aa has been a game-changer for my business. The One Page Plan approach has revolutionized the way we operate and manage our projects."
Steve Gilbert

Steve Gilbert building for the future!


Steve Gilbert Building Services was formed in 1988 by its namesake who was and is absolutely committed to craftsmanship of the highest standards. This commitment drove Steve to strike out on his own and deliver what he believed his clients deserved.

The company has a can do approach and customer service is at the fore of everything they do.

“The real magic of working with Shaz and the team at aa is the unwavering support and guidance they offer, even for just a quick chat. Their availability has been invaluable to us and has given us the confidence to push boundaries and reach new heights. I can't recommend them enough!"

Drive for greater profitability

Steve Gilbert could see his business was growing, he was attracting more work and was increasingly busy, however, he realised that they were not hitting the predicted levels of profitability on turnover and was struggling to understand why.

This frustration was compounded by cash-flow issues which were putting unnecessary strain on the business and saw Steve spending significant amounts of time looking at his business for reasons why they weren’t realising their expected profit levels, rather than focussing on the key client projects, which in itself affected profits.

Steve realised he wanted help, as he had to understand and deal with issues such as:


These measures included:


A different approach

Steve attended an aa Accountants seminar as a guest of an existing AA introducer and immediately saw the stark differences in their drive for business growth to that of his more traditional accountants. Steve could relate to the business principles discussed, could see some of the issues discussed in his own company and wanted to develop this further.

Through a free consultation and benchmarking against similar businesses, Steve could see the value aa would add to his business.

A true partnership!

aa set to work and within the agreed series of meetings and additional calls; they quickly identified areas of improvement and reduced unnecessary costs to the business. This helped to realise greater profitability and create a clear path for continued growth.

Client Comments

“The investment in aa accountants was the right thing to do”


Continued Success!

The success of Steve Gilbert Building Services continues, thanks in part to their strategic partnership with aa Accountants and their acceptance into all they do of the” one page planner”.

They enjoy greater profitability on their projects, they are more in control of their business than they and their vision for the future is sound and based on real and concise processes and information. They now understand what makes them profitable and what their key drivers are.

Having worked with Shaz for a number of years, he has changed or perspective on how to run and manage a successful business.

The One Page Plan has been really beneficial. It has increased accountability across the business and has made us realise what we thought was best practice was holding the business back. It has caused us to challenge what and why we do things, has increased the profit levels we achieve in every contract and has helped us increase our turnover.

The availability of the team at aa, even just for a chat has been invaluable.

Steve Gilbert Managing Director, Steve Gilbert Building Services Ltd

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