How to Find Off-Market Properties in UK 2023

  • April 24, 2023
  • August 9, 2023
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Numerous property investors are searching for the greatest chances and trying to increase their yield gains around the UK, numbering in the tens of thousands or more. Many of these investors will spend their days scouring Rightmove to calculate prospective yields on optimistic properties. Before we get into how to find off-market properties UK, let’s discuss what kind properties are off-market.

What are off-market properties?

So, what is an off-market property?

Usually, properties for sale can be found through real estate agents, property auctions, or even property portals. Any property that is sold through an unconventional method is called an off-market property.

It’s very simple, really; the home is up for sale but not on the market. Typically, a listing for a property like this would appear on Rightmove, Zoopla, or another similar property site after being placed on the market by an estate agency.

Because of that, it might be challenging to find this kind of property. Later in the post, we’ll go over how exactly you can achieve that.

Why do people sell off-market?

There are a few reasons why someone would decide selling off-market property, and often, a landlord or the public, rather than, say, a developer or agent, will do so.

The main reason individuals select this route is discretion. If a landlord has tenants, they don’t want to annoy, for example, or a homeowner doesn’t want others to know they are selling. Whatever the case may be, an off-market transaction means it’s much more discrete.

Speed is a second factor. Private transactions frequently happen more quickly because the buyer is already secured, and the listing process doesn’t need to be fully completed. There are often fewer red tape requirements to clear when selling an off-market property because the buyers are typically investors like yourself who are quick and clever when it comes to the home-buying process.

Don’t worry; a property’s being off the market doesn’t necessarily indicate that there is a problem with it. Off-market property sales have several legitimate justifications. It’s a terrific approach to locate a property that matches your criteria and faces less competition.

The advantages of buying property off the market

Purchasing a home off-market has several advantages for buyers, some of which you may not have ever thought of. Below, we’ve listed and described a few of the primary advantages:

Less Time Consuming:

It takes less time because there isn’t an estate agent engaged, which would add a step to the process for both buyers and sellers. You’ll frequently discover that you are the only bidder on the property, which gives you the opportunity to ask the seller directly how much they are willing to accept without having to have just partial talks through an estate agent.

Hardly any Competition:

Less competition is a clear advantage of purchasing a home from the market and a major contributing factor. Since there is a good chance that you are the only buyer, there is no need for you to compete with other bidders who might raise the price. No bidding war will involve you. In essence, it’s a terrific approach to get a deal because they don’t have estate agency fees to pay, which you can consider.

Smooth Transactions:

The deal goes through more easily, as in the transaction is a smooth process. An estate agent, in general, tends to make things more difficult. They serve as a go-between for the buyer and seller, so you don’t discuss the price of the property directly because you can’t speak to each other directly. Communication is slow, with brief exchanges occurring over several days and the use of an estate agent who, even in the best of circumstances, can be difficult to contact. Since you may communicate with the other party directly when buying and selling off-market, all of this is resolved.

How to find off-market properties UK?

We hope that by this point you are intrigued, on the edge of your seat, and keen to learn where you might find these fantastic off-market real estate deals. There are a few good techniques to find these gems in the sand.

Here is how to find off market property deals:

Word of mouth

Lady luck needs to be on your side for this one. Your friends, family members, or even co-workers you get along with can come in handy in letting you know if there is a property up for sale. Maybe it’s their own and they can do a private sale. It’s a win-win situation, but it is also rated. (May the odds be forever in your favour.)


Ads run everything; everything is run by ads. So, why not put up an ad that you are looking to buy off-market properties? You can place an ad in your local newspaper or a social media outlet. This way you can get your message across directly and clearly. Sellers will then approach you directly rather than putting their property up on the market.

You will need time, effort, and money. Make sure you have a budget set aside if you are going down this path.

Looking Through Conventional Sale Websites

In a strict sense, this wouldn’t be off market, but people occasionally list their properties in unconventional locations to reduce the expense of using an estate agency. This could mean going via Gumtree, Facebook Market Place, and other websites that you might not have normally thought about. Even though this strategy requires time, not every investor will use it, therefore your competition will probably be much lower.

Find properties on land registry

Whether for your own residence or as an investment, purchasing a dilapidated house can be a terrific way to score a nice real estate deal. Such properties will need work, which will raise the property value. However, how can you discover a dilapidated house to buy off-market? First, keep an eye out for abandoned buildings. If you are walking or driving around the neighbourhood, look out to nearby homes. Keep an eye out for indications of abandonment, like a crowded garden or boarded-up or broken windows.

Next, conduct some research to determine who the owner is. The Land Registry is frequently the place to start. You may check out the current owner and the purchase price on their website.

Go straight to the developer

To maximise their return on investment, real estate developers are ready to sell their stock. If you know of any sites in the neighbourhood where you’re searching for a home that is close to completion, it might be worthwhile to get in touch with local developers. Before the house is formally put on the market, they might be open to a deal.

Door-drop houses

Knocking on the door of the house you wish to buy and making an offer, there is an additional alternative. Even if it doesn’t happen often, buying homes off the market is a possibility. The owner of the property is not likely to be in a situation where selling is a possibility, thus you’ll likely need to pay more than the valuation price. They might, however, be persuaded to sell their house to you if you make them an offer that they can’t reject.

Building Up Networks

Attend real estate events and start mingling with other investors, developers, and anybody else with an interest in the sector. This may imply that these individuals occasionally present you with opportunities. Many times, investors will pass on a deal that doesn’t quite work financially for them to a colleague investor in exchange for a little commission.

Find off-market deals through estate agents

You might assume that estate brokers publicly market every property they have. This isn’t always the case, though! Therefore, establishing a network of local brokers can be very beneficial when shopping for off-market houses.

Finding off-market listings with an agent can be challenging at first. For credibility, be sure to provide them with evidence of your financial status, such as a bank statement or a decision in principle (DIP). Agents will take you less lightly and wish to bring you deals since they know you are capable of closing once you’ve managed to prove yourself as a serious purchaser or investment.

With off-market agencies

You can find houses that aren’t on the market for sale with the aid of specialised off-market organisations. Since they frequently have connections with developers, owners, and agents, they may anticipate market trends and spot properties that might be for sale but aren’t yet on the market. These services are often fee-based, but they may give you access to houses that you were unaware were up for sale.

Buying off-market

If you are wondering how to buy off market property, do not worry as the details are all here:


A smart strategy to find your ideal house without engaging in a bidding war with other purchasers is to purchase it off-market. We now know a few distinct strategies on how to find off-market properties UK.

Do your research before making the best offer, whether you discovered your off-market deal through an estate agent, the seller, or your network.

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