"Shaz is different from other accountants. He looks to develop you and your business.”
Sphere Risk Health and Safety Management

Don’t risk health & safety if you want to truly manage your business growth!


Sphere Risk Health and Safety Management incorporated in 2005 in Peterborough.

The business is owned by Steve Smith who is the founder. The main service provided by the business is occupational safety and occupational health.

They not only help business stay complaint. But they also offer training to enable their client stay up-to-date with changes in the regulation.

They are a growing team and employ 7 people.

“Shaz is great at knocking preconceived ideas in order to help you grow.”

Mitigating risk was important to the business

Controlling the growth of the business was a challenge for the team. The business was established and well-known. But it was not growing to it’s true potential in the way Steve and his team wanted.

The team were working towards key performance indicators (KPIs). However, it did not always seem like a team effort. Another burning issue was whether or not the correct KPIs were being tracked and measured. This was frustrating.

Steve knew it was time to work with someone who could show him a different way. He wanted to focus on the following:

Measures included:

Searching for an adviser

Steve attended of aa accountants’ seminars. He was extremely interested in the ideas he heard. Perhaps this was what he had been searching for.

In his usual style, Steve invited Shaz to meet for a coffee to discuss the ideas in more details.

No risk with clear outcomes

Steve liked the money-back guarantee aa accountants were offering. This was because it clearly demonstrated to him that the company was confident in what it delivers. He engaged Shaz to work with him on growing team Sphere.

Client Comments

“The investment in aa accountants was the right thing to do”


The changes helped Sphere increase it’s turnover by 73%. This was the growth Steve and his team were looking to achieve.

The clear packages have been a bit hit with the clients. More businesses are now able to work with Sphere as a result.

The KPis have enabled the team to work together in order to achieve greater success. This has resulted in the business has massively improving profitability and cash flow

The systems and processes in the business have enabled the growth of the business while keeping its ethos of closely working with its clients.

Steve Smith MD, Sphere Risk Health and Safety Management Ltd

It is nice to have someone who holds you accountable and ask the right questions. Shaz asks you direct & searching questions where you have to go away and search the answers. He helps you, directs you and gives you a road map for your business.

I always recommend aa accountants and will continue to do so. I have no hesitation in recommending you to work with them.

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