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Our Capital Allowance Services offer expert guidance and support to businesses of all sizes seeking to reduce their tax liabilities. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in identifying and maximizing capital allowances, ensuring that you receive the most from your eligible claims.

We work diligently to help you navigate the complex regulations and legislation surrounding capital allowances, providing comprehensive analysis and advice tailored to your specific needs. Our services include a thorough review of your assets, identifying qualifying items and gathering relevant information and documentation to support your claims.

With our expertise, you can rest assured that you are making the most of every opportunity to minimize your tax burden and maximize your returns. Contact us today to see how our Capital Allowance Services can benefit your business.

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How it works

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1. Initial Consultation

We'll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your property investments and assess your eligibility for capital allowances.

2. Property Survey

Our team of experienced surveyors will conduct a detailed survey of your properties to identify any qualifying expenditure.

3. Capital Allowance Report

Based on the survey findings, we'll prepare a comprehensive capital allowance report that outlines the eligible items and the potential tax savings.

4. Submission and Ongoing Support

We'll help you submit your capital allowance claim to HMRC and provide ongoing support to ensure you receive the maximum tax benefit.

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Some of our projects

Take a look at some of our projects and see for yourself how we lead from the front. There's nothing like eating your own dog food especially being at the coalface.

What our clients say


Take a few minutes to read through our testimonials and see why our clients keep coming back year after year. We're proud of the work we do, and we're confident you'll be impressed with the results.

In two years alone they saved me £63k in tax. No one has ever done that for me before. I'm so glad I'm working with a specialist firm of accountants unlike my previous accountant.

Bobby Tribe & Family - Property Investors

Shaz is a great accountant for property investors as he is a rare breed that also invests and develops property himself. These 2 skills coupled with his commercial skill as a well- connected businessman can provide entrepreneurs with valuable advice which stems from personal experience, applicable to the real world.

Mark homer - Property Investor

Shaz is brilliant! He helped us save £55,050 in tax. That is a huge sum of money. I will use that money to grow my property business bigger.

Agata Talbot - Property Investor

Hugely enjoyed another course today...Shaz Nawaz. WOW! Put my hand up to say I'd like by the end of the how to save or reduce £600k of SDLT. Came out, not only with that, but knowledge of Capital Allowances! Now there's a huge bonus. Worth every single penny.

Steven Daniels - Property Investor

I can't thank them enough for all the advice and support they gave me whilst saving me over £30K in tax in one go. I would've had to sell some of my property portfolio to pay the rest but thankfully Shaz and the team saved me from that trauma.

Jerry Rice - DIRECTOR, Fouracres of Thorney & Property Investor

After a fifteen-minute phone consultation, I established tax savings of over £65,000.

kEELeY Simpson - Property Investor

I saved over £70K in tax on capital allowances on the purchase of a £1m building. I got the VAT back on the purchase of the building within weeks and yet my lawyers said it would take months.

Abdul Aziz - Managing Director, Adam's Cash & Carry

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