Trevor Gillman

Trevor Gillman ACA

Senior Accountant

A Chartered Accountant, Trevor started his training with a small firm of accountants in London where his work with small owner-managed businesses was aimed at making a difference to their lives.

After qualifying and moving to a larger firm of accountants, Trevor spent many years handling Corporate Tax affairs of large multi-national businesses many of which had a group structure with a large property portfolio held by the parent company.

After that Trevor spent a similarly long period as an internal auditor for a number of financial organisations where his work included advising on systems and controls improvements. This was at the dawn of the internet when banks were setting up trading platforms and the testing of these identified many errors – fortunately before online-banking went live! Trevor’s experience at this time also included working in an anti-fraud department.

Despite his many years working in a corporate environment, Trevor is more than happy to be back where he started – working face-to-face with business owners and making a difference to their lives.

In his role at AA Chartered Accountants as a Senior Accountant, Trevor sees his client objectives as saving tax and taking the stress out of accounting and business processes. Some of this stress may be around securing additional finance for the business; Trevor can build a final forecast for your business using our specialist software to support a funding application and works with clients on setting targets for their business. He has also enjoyed re-acquainting himself with property taxation, building on his previous experience in the corporate sector where each group contained a property holding company.

Married and with three daughters, Trevor likes to keep fit with a long bike rides. Prior to his traditional route to accountancy training, Trevor studied German at university and still likes to settle down with a good German novel. More recently he has expanded his linguistic attainments by learning Spanish.

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