Business growth is the fabric of life for clothing supplier Total Promotions!
Total Promotions Ltd, formed in 1991 continues to grow year on year.
The business; a supplier of embroidered and printed clothing, work-wear, uniform and sports kit, prides itself on being able to adapt and change to meet its customer’s needs. The company has a can do approach and customer service is at the fore of everything they do.
They have invested in technology, both in additional embroidery machines as well as taking a significant step towards greater internet sales with an automated process and electronic stock control system.
Increased profitability is the focus
The owner of Total Promotions could see her business was growing, however, she realised that they were not hitting the predicted levels of profitability on turnover and was struggling to understand why.
This frustration saw her spending significant amounts of time looking at her business for reasons why they weren’t realising their expected profit levels, rather than focussing on the key business drivers, which in itself affected profits.
Jan realised she wanted help, as she had to understand and deal with issues such as:

  • How can we be achieving our expected sales and not be as profitable as predicted?
  • The drive for greater sales to increase profits is affecting the administration and business planning required to grow the business in a structured way
  • Who can I turn to for the advice I need, when I need it without a fee’s clock continually ticking?

Approaching things differently!
Total Promotions attended an aa Chartered Accountants seminar and immediately saw the stark differences’ in their drive for business growth to that of their more traditional accountants.
Through a consultation and benchmarking against similar businesses, Jan could see the value aa Chartered Accountants would add to her business.
Partnership work delivering!
aa Chartered Accountants set to work and within the agreed series of meetings and additional calls was able to quickly identify areas which would improve the business, realise greater profitability and create a clear path for continued growth
These measures included:

  • Applying the principles of the “One Page Plan” and creating individual plans for each team member and through this giving focus to everyone in their own area of responsibility
  • Increasing the profitability of each sale, through understanding the true cost of a sale and the value of the company offering
  • Creating greater focus on issues such as staffing levels and stock control
  • Allowing and creating the freedom for the management team to focus on the true business drivers

Success continues apace!
The success of Total Promotions continues, thanks in part to their strategic partnership with aa Chartered Accountants.
They enjoy greater profitability on their sales, they are paying less in taxes than they believed possible and their vision for the future is sound and based on real and concise processes and information. Growth is currently 20% year on year
They now truly understand what makes them profitable and what their key business drivers are.
Client comment
“Working with aa Chartered Accountants and the One Page Planner has allowed us to focus on the things that really matter in the business.
Their detailed, analytical and probing questions challenge you to think about the things that make a difference, allowing us, as a team to work towards agreed goals whilst enjoy the journey along the way.
If you are looking to focus your business and increase your bottom line, I would highly recommend working with aa Chartered Accountants.”
Jan Richardson, MD Total Promotions Ltd
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