Team achievement

Creating the perfect team is no easy feat in today’s economy. Whether you are an established business and team or a small startup, sometimes taking a step back to reassess your team and establish the kind of team and environment you wish to create can greatly benefit your business.

By identifying your goals and what you wish to achieve from your team you’ll build an effective working environment where employees will thrive and your business will grow.

Follow our tips to building an effective team and get on track for business success.

Get out the office

Whilst bonuses and healthcare plans are a great way to motivate employees if the team isn’t motivated to work together then you can bet you’ll be handing out P45’s regularly.

Plan fun days out for your team and watch as working relationships flourish. Whether you have a small or large budget set aside make sure you prioritise fun in the workplace. From fun team building days out, to team lunches or happy hour at the pub.

Whatever your budget, getting the office together outside of work will help to create a fun workplace for all and build your team effectively.

Clarify roles

Create clear and concise job roles and descriptions. Ensure individual roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and give staff clarity. Educate staff on who their job role interacts with in the team and wider workplace and how it benefits the business.

Allowing staff to understand their roles and how their role enables the company to achieve its goals can allow employees to take a look at the bigger picture and see where their job fit in to the company structure.

Create a fun environment

Create a positive and fun environment for employees. Boring beige walls just don’t cut it in today’s working economy. Employees are expecting more and more from their employers and want a fun environment to work in for their 9 to 5 duty.

Whether you go for a fun and quirky office design, offer more than standard tea and coffee, or have a relaxed working uniform, it’s often the little things that employees will appreciate.

A positive environment, will result in positive employees and a positive work output. Whether you reassess the office temperature, lighting, or have an office refurbishment. Start small and build up to a big shake up and create an effective working environment for all employees to enjoy.

Recharge activities

Give team members a boost with a dedicated recharge area. Whether employees want somewhere they can relax, read a magazine or a book, or play games. By creating a work free chill out zone staff will be recharged and ready to beat the afternoon slump.

As the balance between work and home life becomes ever more distant, employees are looking to reclaim their lunchbreaks.

Remove routine

Take a meeting outside, grab a coffee or go to the park and take a walk. Whilst some employees may enjoy their day to day routine it can risk becoming mundane and stump creativity. Remove regular routine and let ideas flows.

Breaking the daily routine will not only break up the day, but a change of scenery can greatly benefit creativity and help to generate ideas too. A break from the office can enable freer communication where employees feel less constrained by office life.

Think about what you wish to achieve from a meeting and set goals so you can ensure you reach your target. Keep meetings to a dedicated time slot and don’t expect employees to attend back to back meetings. Give them a 10 minute break in-between to allow them to gather thoughts. Removing regular routine from the office will also boost the mood in the office and increase staff morale. Happier staff equal a more productive workforce.

Be productive and set goals

Set employees specific and measurable goals and allow them to manage their workloads. Allow teams to manage their own working day and enable them to plan the day to day structure that works best for them.

Whether teams prefer morning meetings before they tackle daily tasks or like to regroup in the afternoon. Allow them the opportunity to discover what works best for them and you’ll create a happy environment for your team.


Acknowledge individual and team successes whether they are big or small. Celebrate all achievements whether in a team or not and encourage employees to celebrate even the smallest of achievements.

Making sure you value your employees and the hours they put in is vital to creating a hardworking and loyal team. Rewarding employees for their hard work will motivate them ready for their next challenge.

Be open

Value opinions and create an office environment which encourages open communication. Whilst many prospective employees CVs will state they are a great communicator it’s often harder to put into practice than expected.

Create opening discussions and don’t harbor secrets. Whilst it may be necessary to hold back confidential information at times, share the latest developments with your team and allow them to feel you value their trust and discretion.

Whether you choose to implement one or all of these tips you’ll be putting in place the foundations to build and develop an effective team for your business.