Apprentices, advise to new starters, help your industry grow

We often talk about investments in terms of the financials, as that is what affects our day-to-day business the most. But investing in people is just as important as keeping an eye on the bottom line.

When you invest your time and money into the right team, it can bring a huge boost to the company, and over time create happy loyal customers that are going to bring in more profit.

Of course, like any financial investment there are always risks involved, and hiring new team members is no easy task, but the key is, like with your pennies, to nurture them and help them to grow.  There’s no such thing as a ‘flat-packed’ team ready for you to assemble, so don’t be under any illusions that creating an all-star team is easy.

Whether you’re providing them with extra education to help them to improve within their role, or offering Team Days out when they’ve achieved their targets. Having a well thought out employment scheme can ensure that your team are more productive, happier in their role, and therefore more likely to stay loyal to you and your business. Once you create a happy team, the rest will follow.

After all, your team should be seen as an asset to your company, and so you should treat them that way.

Unfortunately not every industry has many schemes to help young career driven individuals get a foot in the door, but I feel proud that the finance trade offers apprenticeships to people looking to carve a career for themselves.

With so little of the current education system really being relevant to any trade, it’s up to the business industries to hire with more in mind than just qualifications.

Of course, in most roles such as Accountancy they’re going to be essential, but if they’ve got the drive and ambition to do a good job, then this can overrule what it says on a piece of paper.

As a business owner I feel it’s my duty to help build the industry and those that are within it, and this is exactly why I recently discussed my career journey on Total Jobs.

Offering your own advice and experience to those seeking to be within the industry is a rewarding task in itself. It’s a contribution which helps many and it fulfilling as a business owner to offer such support.

You can share insider knowledge and help guide those who feel unsure about the incredible opportunities that are out there.

We all started out as young and enthusiastic candidates once, so give a helping hand to those who need some advice. You’ll be glad you did!