If you are looking to focus your business and increase your bottom line, I would highly recommend working with aa Chartered Accountants.

Jan Richardson

Managing Director, Total Promotions Ltd

Financial success: the 4 key elements


Speed, efficiency and accuracy matter most to our clients.

Management information:

Tailored, current, up-to-date information to guide your key business decisions.


Clear, careful and considered tax planning to safeguard your cash.

Business Growth:

Prolific growth in your profits to boost your prosperity.

We’ve listened to our clients and offered these services in an enhanced, exciting and innovative style.

Accountancy is not just about your historic numbers. Those numbers certainly enable you to establish your financial position. Numbers can and do serve a much bigger purpose. Why not tap into our skill with numbers. This will catapult your on-going financial results.

We use our skill in numbers to improve your on-going financial results.

What we do is use our skill in numbers to help you understand and improve your on-going financial results.


Shaz is interested.
He is interested in all aspects of business, and is the most well read and up-to-date person I know when it comes to business practice. Great man to have on your team.

Austin Bambrook

Proprietor, The Little Glass Studio

Shaz provided excellent advice to me as a small business. He patiently helped me to understand the methods and actions I need to take progressively, to help me grow my business. With clear and methodical directions, I left our meeting with the confidence I need to drive my business to the next stage.

Sharon Edwards

Proprietor, Fucshia Proof Design

Shaz & I are working together on a project and I must recommend him for his excellent perceptive qualities. Shaz is able to see outcomes & possible situations way before me! this helps us make some gentle changes now, avoiding monumental ones further down the track. A quick thinking entrepreneurial accountant…with so much more to offer.

Victor Sacks

Managing Director, VS Associates Ltd

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