Sovereign Accountants

"The methodology Shaz uses will ensure you achieve your targets while growing your business...without doubt, that's guaranteed."

“Shaz only advises you to do things he has first done himself” 

Sovereign accountants is a practice based in Peterborough. It is a two-partner firm which has seen steady growth since its inception in 2011.

They specialise in working with small-businesses and start-ups predominately with a 25-mile radius of Peterborough. They offer a cloud-based solution and will take care of all the compliance needs of a business.




“We wanted to work with Shaz because we see him as a success.”


“If it wasn’t for Shaz I don’t think our business would have grown so quickly”

 Juggling with own numbers

Both partners had a vision of building a successful practice. However, the vision was not quite becoming reality.

This was causing major concern to the partners.

The business faced a number of challenges including:

  • Lack of new clients – winning business was becoming difficult
  • Debt was out of hand. They felt they had no control over it.
  • Cash flow was extremely tight due to the issue of debt. The partners were unable to draw decent incomes due to money tied up in debt.

The challenges were mounting up and getting bigger as time went on. It felt like there was no pint running the business – there was no money left at the end of the month!

Both partners approached Shaz. One was his younger brother. And both had worked for him in their early days.


Both partners had been impressed with what Shaz had achieved in his business career. They wanted to get some immediate quick wins and that’s exactly what they achieved.

They committed to and focussed on using the One Page Plan. This provided them with clear targets. “It helps you improve on a month by month basis” is what Haseeb commented after having used the One Page Plan for 18 months.

“Shaz was absolutely fantastic in guiding us on how to move forward. To solve problems you need to listen. And Shaz is a great listener”.


How can we be achieving our expected sales and not be as profitable as predicted?


Clearer focus on targets and accountability


Winning more business through improving the sales process


Clarity over pricing and fee structure

Client Comments

Although Shaz is an accountant, he has a tremendous amount of business experience. This is rare

If you’re serious about growing your business then Shaz is the man to go to. He knows the tried and tested methods of how to grow a business. He’ll help you achieve your targets because he’s been there and has done it himself.

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