Are some of your team driving you nuts because they’re half hearted, inconsistent or only doing the bare minimum?

Wouldn’t it be great if your people worked together like a well-oiled machine? Chances are you know you could be getting far more out of them – but you’re not. Perhaps some of your people are even complaining that others aren’t pulling their weight? Here’s one business breakthrough you can start implementing today to turn things round…

IN A NUTSHELL – You can’t get the best from your people if they aren’t accountable for what they do. In 30 minutes a week YOU CAN get the best from your people – simply get together every week and follow a proven framework for your team meeting.

We have produced a selection of 4-page book summaries for you to browse in the time it takes to have a cup of tea (rather than the hours it takes to read the books).

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We have also produce a 1- page mindmap to help you about this book.

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