Leadership toolbox

It’s time to become a Better Leader

Whether you have aspirations to be a leader, have had a good mentor in your career or have been hit by the micro-managing bug at some point, it’s likely you’ll recognise a good leader when you meet one.

It can often seem so effortless the way leaderships seems to exude from their personality and skill set so naturally, but leadership isn’t a quality which is developed overnight. Leadership is a skill which needs to be honed to help achieve the best from the team, business and finances which you manage.

Focusing on a few basic leadership skills will help you to become a better leader and not only will this help to improve morale within your business but also impact your productivity rates too.

Communicate Effectively

Whatever type of industry you work in, effective communication is always key to a productive office and team relationships. Communicating isn’t just about sharing your thoughts either. It’s essential that as a leader you are approachable and ready to listen to any concerns staff may have or be on hand to advise when problems arise.

Communicate with staff regularly and make sure you’re a visible figure. Hiding away in an office won’t be good for either your or your business. Getting out onto the sales or office floor will help to show your support and appreciation for your staff too and show you’re readily available for guidance if they need it. Schedule in regular catch up meetings with team members to ensure you’re aware of any business or team updates you need to know about.

Recognise Talent and Work

Recognising talent is essential in any leadership role, after all we all like to be praised when we have completed a project or an excellent piece of work. Rewarding talent should be a key part of your business structure and your leadership style.

Reward individual talent and team members no matter how big or small their achievement was as this will help to increase their confidence in the workplace and show that you value their hard work too. Whether your reward is in the form of monetary or gift value or simply a pat on the back, it’s essential that as a leader you can recognise achievements and have a reward process in place.

Use Time Wisely

Time is money and as a leader you’ll no doubt be aware that keeping productivity levels high is essential to keeping your business running to a productive and profitable schedule. Set a time limit for meetings and always create an agenda so that team members come prepared with any topics they wish to discuss.

Take time to ensure you’re communicating effectively with team members and create a catch up schedule so you’re always up to date with business affairs. Decide on a time schedule that works for you, whether that’s weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Keep Productivity Rates Up

It’s likely the output of your business is measured by its profitability and this can often be traced back to your productivity rates. Happy staff equal better productivity which results in a higher output for your business, so keeping staff motivated as a leader can help to keep your financial situation in the clear.

Whether you incentivise staff to help them complete tough projects or provide regular guidance and feedback to help assist employees, making your work force feel valued and able to ask for help will help to keep productivity levels high.

Becoming a better leader isn’t a skill which can be purchased and dedication to both your business and employees will help to pay off financially if you work hard to develop your leadership style.