I usually say that to fail to plan is to plan to fail and ‘planning to lose’ sounds very similar, doesn’t it?  But the star of today’s blog is our Senior Client Manager, accountant Aasiyah Joseph ATT, who has lost 6 stone 3.5 lbs in 63 weeks (the equivalent in weight of two of her grandchildren together!) and is now on the verge of achieving the goal she set herself – to lose 101 lbs and get back into the pair of jeans she last wore in 1989!

If you who know Aasiyah, you may not have initially noticed her former size since, as part of her faith, she wears certain dresses which are intentionally the opposite of ‘body-conscious’.  But as the weeks went past, none of us could miss the change in her, even though she said little about her plan. So how did she manage this personal challenge?

Says Aasiyah, ‘In January 2014 I received something of a wake-up call, when I was quite ill and could not seem to shake off the symptoms. It made me think about my lifestyle generally and especially the effects on my body, my health and my personal wellbeing of being overweight. To be frank, I was morbidly obese and I realised that there was a real risk that I would not live to see my five adorable grandchildren grow up. This coincided with a leaflet for Slimming World dropping through my letterbox, and when I saw that the meetings were held only a short distance from my home, this gave me the final spur to action.’

In April 2014 Aasiyah started on her journey. Here at AA Chartered Accountants we’re keen on team members working towards personal ‘non-work’ goals as well as team goals, and although Aasiyah had the support of her slimming group, she saw a way in which she could apply a tried-and tested business management technique in her personal life. This was the ‘One Page Plan’ – I’ve referred to this in previous blogs (in the business context) and if you’d like to learn more about this please do look at our website for more details.

The One Page Plan is essentially a way of setting goals and measuring progress towards achieving these – so how did Aasiyah apply the technique to her weight loss programme? Well, although her long-term goal ended up as ‘to lose 101 lbs’, this  would have seemed impossibly distant at the start, so what she did was break down the target into small achievable ‘milestones’ of half a stone each. The first one was to lose 10% of her starting body weight. Says Aasiyah, ‘You can’t imagine how good it felt to achieve that first small goal!’. It was after that achievement that she set her target of losing a further six and a half stone.

What weight loss techniques did she use? Well, you’d have to ask her for more details, but it involved healthy eating, lots of fish, lean protein, vegetables & fruit with occasional treats and Aasiyah also began to walk a lot more. The point is that having a One Page Plan with ‘milestones’ really helped her to stick to the regime. She tells me she’s now gone down 6 dress sizes and her Body Mass Index is 25.2 (just above the maximum for ‘normal’ weight of 25) – down from a staggering 42, and she’s able to fit into those jeans that she was last able to wear (but only for a short time!) in 1989. Whichever measure you choose to use – Aasiyah’s done it, so congratulations to her!

Maybe you’ve got a personal issue that you could resolve using the One Page Plan – or maybe you’re not yet using it for your business?  Either way, if you’d like to know more, please do contact me.  And if you are already using it successfully, in your personal or business life – then I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!