TeamYou may have watched Lewis Hamilton storm to victory as World Champion for the second time – becoming a member of that exclusive club. It struck me what an excellent example of teamwork and team spirit this was.

As Hamilton came in for a pit stop, the pit team were poised to make a wheel change in the quickest time possible. About 20 members were absolutely ready to spring into action – and the man with the front end jack was actually standing in position. I think I might have had second thoughts about standing in the path of a Formula One car roaring down the pit-lane! One man at each end with a jack, one man to take off each tyre and one man to put on each tyre, the tyres themselves ready-warmed – it all took place in about three seconds. Everyone knew his task and everyone worked together like a well-oiled machine.

Not only that – the name we all remember is Lewis Hamilton and it’s true that he has a prodigious talent for driving round racing circuits with great speed and accuracy. If he didn’t have this outstanding skill, then the best team in the world wouldn’t make him world champion. But equally, every second that the pit team can shave off the length of the pit stops is a second gained towards victory – so without his superb team (and all the work that goes into designing and building the winning machine), he wouldn’t be occupying the winners’ podium, and I’m sure he realises this.

We will never know the names of the individuals who spring into action in the pit but Hamilton’s victory is their victory too.

So is your team a champion team? Do team members know what they have to do and how to perform to maximum efficiency, working like a machine with every component behaving just as it should? And do they know that, even if they do not achieve recognition as individuals, a business success is their achievement just as much as that of the ‘front-person’? And finally – and most importantly – do you as the business owner and team-leader make sure that team members get the internal recognition they deserve?

Do this and you too will have a World Champion Team!

I’d love to hear any comments or experiences you’d like to share.