In previous blogs I’ve suggested that the reason everyone is in business is to make a profit and that many business decisions are driven by the concept ‘what’s in it for me?’ Today I’d like to look at a completely different angle – how can you benefit others, including the community in which you make your living and the world at large? and why should you do this?

As a business, it’s crucial to your success to develop your individual business persona and to ensure that all your workforce know what this is and support it. To do this, I recommend that you sit down with your team and work out what your core values are, probably no more than about six (less is more). I’d like to suggest that one of the core values that you should consider is the concept of giving back to the community, to society and to the environment. There are many ways in which this can be achieved, from obvious things like donations and sponsorship, to less obvious ways such as a commitment to becoming paperless, or helping your team to offer their services to the community.

Why should you do this? The textbook answer is that in seeking to improve the world in which we live, especially for the underprivileged, will likely make you and your team ‘better people’. I think it’s true to say that societies where everyone is out for the best deal for themselves, without thought for others, tend to come to an unfortunate end – and I’m sure you can think of examples! So maybe it’s an essential part of being a responsible member of the society we live in or would like to live in.

But there’s also a sound business reason for corporate social responsibility. Research shows that the most successful companies in the world are those with a robust social corporate responsibility policy – one where the workforce wholeheartedly supports the contribution made towards the common good.

So what is there to lose? At the end of the day I guess we all want to feel we’re doing our bit to make the world a better place, and admire those organisations that truly make this part of their business ethos.

Do get in touch to share your own corporate social responsibility values and how you feel this benefits your company.