Shaz has helped us to not only save money but also make money

Jon Boys

Managing Director, The VA Partnership Ltd

Irrefutable evidence – not flights of fantasy

Anybody and everybody says that they are good at what they do. You expect that.

It’s another matter to show proof.

Our clients are our best advertisements. They are the real judges of what we do. And they let us know of the remarkable successes they have achieved.

We are very honoured to be part of their journey towards success.

Below you’ll see several stories. These illustrate the ways we work with clients and the results they have achieved as a result.

We would love to help you get similar rewards.


Listed below are some testimonials about Shaz and aa accountants. Please have a browse to gain an understanding of how we work…

Shaz & I are working together on a project and I must recommend him for his excellent perceptive qualities. Shaz is able to see outcomes & possible situations way before me! this helps us make some gentle changes now, avoiding monumental ones further down the track. A quick thinking entrepreneurial accountant…with so much more to offer.

Victor Sacks

Managing Director, VS Associates Ltd

Shaz has been a great mentor for us on the Dolphins’ Den project, an an initiative to help people with a learning disability set up their own business or community project. Despite running his own busy and successful business he has a fantastic attitude that he can help others and also learn from the experience. He clearly has many skills and qualities in addition to his accountancy work.

Andrea Moulding

Corporate Fundraising Manager, Thera Trust

Shaz is a highly talented professional who always caters to our specific needs. His approach and consultations always exceed our expectations. His commitment to his work leads to the best results imaginable. The One Page Plan Shaz offers has helped our business in several positive ways. All meetings with him are enjoyable and inspiring. Unlike most accountants, Shaz is a key part of our business growth.

Faisal Aziz

Sales Director, Adam's Cash & Carry

Shaz is a real pleasure to work with. An excellent manager – precise but fair. As a man that ensures he is always readily available, Shaz shows his willingness to push the boundaries and do that little extra bit to give the best service possible. He has great enthusiasm, commitment and dedication with what he does. Shaz is also highly professional at all times and comes across with a very friendly tone.

Ben Neatherway

Advanced Personal Trainer

Having worked with Shaz I have improved the results of my business immensely. In my opinion if you want to improve your business results then you must meet Shaz and his team. They are helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. I would highly recommend AA Chartered Accountants to anyone who is in business.

Abdul Aziz

Managing Director, Adam's Cash & Carry

I was extremely impressed with the service I received from Shaz and his team. Every detail of my experience as a potential client felt as though it had been carefully considered.

Shaz was generous with his time and advice. He methodically worked through the current performance of my business and highlighted areas which could be enhanced and improved.

I feel the time I spent with Shaz was productive, challenging and stimulating and I am confident to endorse and recommend him.

Karl Lanham

Associate, B2B Cashflow Solutions Ltd

Both myself and my wife / partner Jane found the two hours we spent with Shaz very interesting as he helped us to re-visit certain areas of our business plan that we had either forgotten about or simply not acknowledged. Hospitality was excellent and we would encourage anybody in business to spend some time in his company. Looking to implement the list of target areas we discussed at the meeting.

A fruitful two hours!

Ralph Maloney

Owner, Xceptional Marketing

Shaz is an inspirational and diligent business leader. He is completely committed to helping others to grow their business and realise their potential, both from a client and a team perspective.

He realises the worth of the people he employs and he allows them the freedom to evolve and deliver in their specific role.

He is open and encourages the opinions of others.

Gavin Elsey

Managing Director, Mint Consulting (Peterborough) Ltd

I would heartily recommend Shaz at AA Accountants. Not just regular financial accountants but a real asset to a business with fantastic help and advice to substantially grow your profits.

Bernard Lambert

Managing Director, The Template Company

Shaz owns and manages a quality accountancy practice that focuses on client needs and avoids over-complicating issues that many find complex and obscure.

I now recommend AA Accountants to clients and friends. They all confirm the high quality service they receive

Craig Gaunt

CEO, Kensington Insurance Brokers

Having worked with Shaz for a number of years, he has changed or perspective on how to run and manage a successful business.

The One Page Plan has been really beneficial.  It has increased accountability across the business and has made us realise what we thought was best practice was holding the business back. It has caused us to challenge what and why we do things, has increased the profit levels we achieve in every contract and has helped us increase our turnover.

The availability of the team at aa, even just for a chat has been invaluable.”


Steve Gilbert

Managing Director, Steve Gilbert Building Services Ltd

We have known Shaz for several years having got to know him during a year long course my wife and I attended. For the last year we have used Shaz as our accountant and business coach.

His guidance has had a massive impact on how we run our business and we now have Xero installed to manage our business with much tighter financial awareness. Shaz has helped us not only save money but also make money. We cannot recommend Shaz and his team highly enough.

Jon Boys

CEO, The VA Partnership

Shaz is interested.
He is interested in all aspects of business, and is the most well read and up-to-date person I know when it comes to business practice. Great man to have on your team.

Austin Bambrook

Proprietor, The Little Glass Studio

We recently met Shaz at AA accountants and were impressed at his knowledge and expertise as well as the reception. He doesn’t think along the same lines as ‘normal’ accountants, he applies his skills to moving your business forward, not just completing your tax return!

Ken Seymour

Director, KTS Computers Ltd

We met Shaz at aa Chartered Accountants He is the Managing Director there.
He gave us some very good information and tip so that we can move our company forward and to improve our turnover and profits.
The whole experience at he’s company was very impressive, even when we drove up we was welcomed with our name on the car parking place, drinks in reception. A very friendly and professional meeting, I would recommend Shaz anytime.

Keith Sanford

Managing Director, KPS Electrics Ltd

Shaz is an engaging and likable person – you get that immediately. He is also far more than being just an ‘accountant’, he is a really professional business coach. He has an ability to put you at ease and let you talk so that he can learn about you – and he is a great listener which is an art in itself. But when he gives, he delivers real gems. I learned so much from Shaz in one meeting. He helps you focus on core values and performance indicators, he gives you strategies to enhance yourself and your business, and he is always there if you need him

Mark Hilferty

Professional Trainer & Coach, The Potential Difference

Shaz is truly passionate about helping his clients, his team and fellow professionals to become the best that they want to. He does this by listening carefully to what the people around him need and he then supports them accordingly. Shaz always motivates me and is helping me along my journey. His firm’s short listing at the British Accountancy Awards is a great reflection of the high standard of work they do.

Fozia Zia

Accounting Systems Consultant, Zia & Co

I am working with Shaz on my one day planner and even in these early stages, the help, knowledge and enthusiasm Shaz has is immense.
If you want to grow your business, work less and make more profit, I feel the one day planner is a must and highly recommend you contact Shaz for that to happen .
Don’t just listen to me, listen to Shaz, he gives you a free 2hr meeting for you to hear it from the man himself. Well worth investing the time.

Neil Baird

Managing Director, NEAT Electrical Services Ltd

Shaz and I reviewed my business today, with all aspects being discussed and analysed. The approach was both very detailed and carried out in a professional manner. He also explained some great initiatives in terms of taking on board a different approach to spending quality time in my business for the maximum amount of output.Very thought provoking, and yet very accurate in understanding my business.

Steve Copeland

Proprietor, Just Jobs Peterborough

Working with Shaz has allowed us to focus on the things that really matter in the business. His detailed, analytical and probing questions challenge you to think about the things that make a difference. Allowing us, as a team to work towards agreed goals whilst enjoy the journey along the way. If you are looking to focus your business and increase your bottom line, I would highly recommend working with Shaz.

Jan Richardson

Managing Director, Total Promotions Ltd

I first met Shaz a few of years ago and, since that first meeting, I have had the pleasure of his company many times. As a fellow accountant, I have great admiration for Shahzads professionalism and innovation through his business. Shahzad has great vision and I have personally learnt a great deal from him. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Joe Sole

Founder and Principal, Sole Associates

What’s the best test you know of a great Accountant. They really know their stuff? They’re personable? They listen more than talk? When they talk they’re truly insightful?

Well, Shaz passes all of those tests with flying colours. But by far the most important test is this one: what do clients say and feel about him?

I had the opportunity to put that test into action in February 2012 with Shaz. And I’ve never heard or seen clients so connected to any Accountant before. Here’s a group of great clients, many of whom would never consider a move in their business without consulting Shaz.

Add to the fact that he’s simply a great bloke and you begin to get the picture that Shahzad Nawaz is a very, very special person. And that special-ness flows over (as you’d imagine) into his team. He’s created something quite special at AA Accountants — something you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

Paul Dunn

Chairman , Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1)

Shaz provided excellent advice to me as a small business. He patiently helped me to understand the methods and actions I need to take progressively, to help me grow my business. With clear and methodical directions, I left our meeting with the confidence I need to drive my business to the next stage.

Sharon Edwards

Proprietor, Fucshia Proof Design

Working with Shaz at AA Accountants has proven to be a great investment with a return that has exceeded even my own optimistic expectations.

Jim Rohn says ““We could all use a little coaching. When you’re playing the game, it’s hard to think of everything.” Absolutely true for all coaches too.

Like the Olympic Athletes, I have my own coach in Shaz. Working with him provides tangible and intangible rewards and benefits including: motivation and inspiration, challenging to succeed, being held accountable, crystal clear focus and direction, using simple tried and trusted techniques that really work.

I am happy to recommend Shaz and his team without reservation. Happy to be on board.

Dave Grundy

Proprietor, Tuit Achievements

From when I first met Shaz…you cannot help but be impressed by his energy and willingness to go the extra mile for you.
As long as he believes you are serious he places no restrictions on his time and he will work tirelessly to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.
I have found him to be courteous, friendly and thought provoking at all times. He has a wonderful way of cutting to the chase and making even the most complex issues appear to be simple, then walks you through the solution.

Peter Neatherway

Sales Manager

If you only want an accountant who tells you how you’ve done 6 months after your year end, you should not contact Shaz. If you want a partner to help you grow your business, you should.

Graham Wolloff

Partner, Elwell Watchorn & Saxton LLP

After using Shaz’s services for nearly a decade now, I am extremely satisfied with the results. His dedication and commitment to providing an excellent is customer service whilst delivering the optimum results is unquestionable. Shaz and the entire team at AA Accountants is extremely reliable and a safe organisation to manage your accounts.

Khayam Zabair

Property Investor

Shaz is excellent at what he does. Offering sound business advice and assisting with the implementation of new processes.

He is always readily available and willing to go above and beyond to help his clients with his depth of business knowledge no matter what the hour.

If you are considering using Shahzad’s services – stop wasting your time considering it and go for it! You will not be disappointed

Tom Owen

Director, City Resource Ltd

Shaz is an enthusiastic mentor with a genuine desire to help others make the most of their potential.
He demonstrates a priority interest in his clients and their business beyond simply doing the normal accountancy bit with the numbers.

Brian Williamson

Proprietor, Inheritance Protect

Shaz has been an inspiration to our small but ambitious Community Interest Company. The way he runs his business is about so much more than just numbers or profit. No detail of excellent customer service or partner support is too much for him. He has invested his own time and energy in helping us to consider what we need to do to grow effectively and plan and measure our business. I would recommended his firm to anyone who’ll listen – just awesome!!

Rachel Rouncefield

Director, Care About You CIC

Having worked with Shaz, I have realised he is very passionate about helping his clients grow their businesses & profits. He is approachable and easy to work with, and always eager to help. His proactive approach means that they can regularly talk to him or see him and get the advice they need. His firm’s fixed fee pricing gives clients control and clarity about how much they are paying. I would have no hesitation in recommending his firm.

Sanjay Shah

Director, Search Answers Ltd

Shaz exudes a calm manner and insightful professional approach. As a strategic leader, he has charted an inspiring journey for his practice and staff offering a truly proactive service to clients underpinned by exceptionally strong values. I am delighted to recommend him.

Ron Yellon

Managing Director, Auditel

I met Shaz and I’m not sure what happened, but i do know there has been a marked transformation in the way that I work but I couldn’t describe it to you without waxing lyrical. Those of you who have been lucky enough to spend time with him will smile no doubt and understand the point I’m trying to put across. It is this…this is a remarkable man. He has skills in coaching sure and a very successful business, but he has something else that we all look for in a supplier.

There are few things as rewarding and fun as acquiring new skills and knowledge that enrich your life. It is rare that I meet someone who can show me what I did not see previously. This man did more than that and went out of his way to help me acquire that gem of hidden insight that takes my business to another level. I’m sure what he taught me isn’t in any book. I’m looking forward to reading the one he’s writing at the moment.

I recommend my connections link with Shaz, especially those in early years as he owns a day nursery and take the opportunity to put their business in front of this man and don’t be afraid to consider a different way of thinking and doing that will have a very positive effect on their business. This I know from personal experience.

Jessica Kemp

Director (Chief Inspector), The Idea Buro

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