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Jon Boys

Managing Director, The VA Partnership Ltd

Business Pricing Strategies

Too many businesses are focussed on getting more customers. They think this will help them grow their profits. While this is true, it’s not the smartest way to increase your bottom-line. A real neat way to this would be to increase your prices. Now if you’re like most business owners than the thought of this has made you shiver and sweat. ‘I can’t do this because most of my customers will stop using me’ – this is the common response we hear all the time!

They couldn’t be further from the truth in reality. There’s a whole host of reasons for this. Our free report titled The secrets of pricing for profit covers some really brilliant techniques on how you can price your products or services. You can download a free copy by clicking on the resources page at the top of this page.


Here’s some of what you’ll discover in the report:

  1. How to price for maximum profit
  2.  The 3 keys to offering best value
  3. Why different customers pay different prices
  4. 14  awesome tips (ways) to charge more without losing customers – tip 1 and 14 will catapult your profits

Once you’ve downloaded and read the report, you’ll have 3 clear options:

  • Do nothing
  • Take some action and implemented some of the ideas
  • Call us for a free 20 minute no cost no obligation chat

The third option is only available if you download the report, read it and then call us. During those 20 minutes we’ll show you at least one powerful way to implement price increases without compromising your profits. Have a read of this story as an example of how we help our clients.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.