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Tom Owen

Director, City Resource Ltd

Business Coaching

Your business is your baby and we understand that, and our business coaching service can help you achieve your business goals and be the best you can be. We can’t all be the best at everything and sometimes an objective eye can help to push you in the right direction.

Whether you’re looking for business support or advice on uncovered territory, we can help to motivate you and advise you on your next steps. Results are key, and our business coaching package will allow you to see the results you desire.

You could be working all hours of the day and unable to take holiday for the fear that you’ll miss something or something won’t get completed. Yet this attitude is actually unhealthy and could end up hindering your business. Helping to streamline your processes and refocus your attention, a business coach will help you to realign your goals and reach them too.


As an outsider a business coach can look at your business from a different perspective and with their honest opinion you’ll achieve the success you not only desire but deserve too.

Our business coaching advice includes:

• Review of your pricing strategy
• Review of your sales & marketing
• Review of business processes
• Personal development
• Profitability analysis
• Working with your team to drive productivity
• System for delivering sensational customer service
• Specific coaching on business challenges / opportunities

For more information on how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.