I make no bones about it – I was personally very disappointed with the outcome of the EU referendum.  I firmly believe that, for a country the size of the UK, our economic future was best served by remaining part of the larger entity. The only aspect of Fortress Europe that worried me was the dominance of EU legislation and regulation over UK laws, and that’s something I consider could have been resolved round the negotiation table, in time and with the right approach.

That said, the result’s in and we must live with it as best we can. Although I expected it  to be a close call, I feel it’s a great pity that  the votes for and against were so equally divided – because that means that almost half the UK population does not support the result. Not only that, but it appears that the preponderance of votes to remain came from the younger sector of the electorate – so how does that sit with the future of the UK for those generations?

Now we learn that Scotland is set on a further referendum on whether they should remain part of the UK (having fairly narrowly avoided leaving that Union two years ago) because the opinion there is solidly that they wanted to remain in the EU. Wales and Northern Ireland seem to share that view.  So are we going to witness not only a separation from Europe but also the break-up of the United Kingdom?  Does it matter? Almost certainly yes!

What really concerns me however is the fall-out for us in the Brexit procedure. Let’s face it, we are the guinea-pigs – no other EU member has previously dared to leave. Although I understand that EU regulations provide for an orderly retreat in these circumstances, all the signs are that we are already coming under pressure to speed up the process. So is this indicative of the future attitude of our former EU colleagues and will they punish us for our decision by damaging our ability to trade?

We should be able to rely upon our elected Members of Parliament to represent our views and ‘fight our corner’ – but the majority of the MPs wanted to remain in the EU. We face a new Tory leader and therefore a new Prime Minister – it seems to me that whoever is appointed, will lack the confidence of either the Commons or the UK population and quite possibly both!

We live in troubled times and whilst I expect we shall survive – at what cost?

Do share your views.