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On this page, you’ll see links to external sites, where we’ve contributed through blogs, articles and quotes. We hope you’ll take the time to read the ones which are of interest to you.

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Budget reaction in Peterborough

Matthew Price chief correspondent on Radio 4 from the Today programme was keen to see the impact of the budget on businesses in Peterborough. Shaz was asked to provide his synopsis. Here’s a short clip of the interview which was aired live on Radio 4.

Budget 2015: How will it affect you?

The emergency budget was eagerly awaited by the nation and especially by the media. With changes to corporation tax rates, increase in the inheritance tax threshold, changes in tax relief on pensions and mortgage interest, cuts in welfare, increase in the living wage and many other changes – Channel 5 were keen to interview Shaz to seek his opinion on the changes. Click here to see a short clip of the interview.

The Joy of 9 to 5

Lucy Kellaway hosted a series on Radio 4 on different perspectives of a 9 to 5 job. Shaz was interviewed to share his insights including his own modus operandi.

HMRC allows four months’ grace on ‘disguised remuneration’ schemes

The Financial Times wrote a piece on HMRC’s stance towards EBTs and the changes which are taking place. Hugo Greenhalgh from The Financial Times wanted Shaz’s take on the changes.  Click here to read more.

Did the budget fill you with horror, or were you cheering George Osborne on?

Guardian writers asked people across the country – from a family in north Yorkshire to a convenience-store owner in Norfolk – for their views. Rupert Jones interviewed Shaz and his client Michael Brisbourne. Click here to read more.

Take corporate route to halve your tax bill

As the government’s first budget on July 8 approaches, rumours persist that there may be either the removal or the reduction of the tax relief on mortgage interest available to buy-to-investors. Click here to read more

How do I choose the best business bank account?

All business bank accounts are not created equal so it is worth spending a bit of time choosing one that is right for your business at the start

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A bomb is ticking when we lend to those we love

Is lending money to struggling relatives or friends the supportive act of someone who loves them, or is it likely to be death knell for the relationship?

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Tax return deadline: Last minute tips to beat the HMRC fine

How to get your tax return form done, correctly, in time to avoid an HMRC fine – or at least make it as small as possible

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Interview on Peterborough FM about business growth

The business show for Peterborough, hosted by Craig Bunday. Special guest this week is Shaz Nawaz of AA Accountants, giving inspirational business tips and letting us know his favourite business books as last minute stocking fillers!

Tribunal analysis: Entrepreneurs’ relief dispute

The key question, explored by the first tier tribunal in the case of Jeremy Rice v HMRC, is whether or not a significant change in a business can amount to a cessation of the existing trade and the start of a second business, says Shaz Nawaz of AA Chartered Accountants

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Why You Should Increase Your Price 400%

Price hiking is the most under-used strategy in business. Shaz Nawaz, founder of AA Accountants, describes when it makes sense to inflate prices instead of slashing them.

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An internal motivation for giving

Changing people’s lives for the better’ is not just an expression to Shaz. It’s clearly a motivating force for him. Just listen to him talk about his accounting business:

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How a great firm does it

Shaz Nawaz of AA Accountants in Peterborough really is starting to change the world by addressing four of the biggest challenges facing us today: economic stagnation, global warming, suffering and youth unemployment.

And here’s how…

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How accountants can change the world

Shaz Nawaz of AA Accountants in Peterborough really is starting to change the world by addressing three of the biggest challenges facing us today, and here’s how…

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Transform Your Profits By Selling More To Your Existing Customers

Virtually any type of business, once established, will have repeat custom – if you only have new customers you need to ask yourself why your customers don’t return to you!

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Getting the price right for your customers

Getting your pricing strategy right is one of the key factors in the success of your business – some might say it’s the most important one, but that is open to debate.

What is clear is that price can be the deciding factor in whether or not you make a sale, gain a customer or indeed retain that customer

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The top 10 worst excuses for not doing a tax return before January 31st

January 31st is quickly approaching, which only means one thing – those tax returns are due, whether you like it or not. You’ve just short of two weeks to finish the entire thing, so if you haven’t already, it’s about time you got on with it.

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Top 10 excuses for  late filing of Tax Returns

There are hundreds of reasons offered to the HMRC every year for filing late tax returns. These are our top 10.

But the bottom line is – no excuses. If you’re late you’re late and you WILL be fined. So take one minute to enjoy our infographic – and then get back to the calculator because the clock is ticking and the Tax Man is smiling!

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Are You Ready For The Tax Man

As the impending Tax return looms ever closer have you settled your debts with the tax man, or are you still panicking about that shoe box of receipts you’ve got stuffed under your desk?

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Why Start a Business when You’re Doomed for Failure? Or is there Light at the End of the Tunnel? 

As the impending Tax return looms ever closer have you settled your debts with the tax man, or are you still panicking about that shoe box of receipts you’ve got stuffed under your desk?

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 Tips from the Experts – Encouraging Business Longevity

In today’s edition of Tips from the Experts, we asked three business professionals to share their top 5 tips for encouraging business longevity.

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Tax Returns: No Excuses for Late Returns

With the Tax Return deadline looming this weekend, are you ready for the Tax man?
Last year the busiest day for filling a Tax return was the 31st January. With over 500,000 people filing their return on the very day of the deadline. Can you imagine the stress levels?
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 Accolades rush in for city accountancy firm

AA Chartered Accountants, in Blenheim Court, Peppercorn Close, Peterborough were noted for their innovative and forward-thinking approach as one of nine finalists for Practice Excellence in the Independent Firm of the Year (South East & East England) category of the awards.

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Growth Business: Does tax avoidance among global corporates put UK SMEs at a disadvantage? 

The spotlight is firmly on tax reduction among large global firms operating in the UK – but is the practice putting smaller domestic companies on the back foot?

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Does Emotional Connection Help You Become A Better Manager?

Most entrepreneurs would claim that they’re in the business of creating relationships with their customers. And they’re quite right when they say this. But do they do the same with their employees?
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 Accountant Advice For Bloggers

I just had the opportunity to ask an accountant a few questions about running a blog as a business. Thank you to Shaz Nawaz from aa accountants for answering my questions!

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5 Financial Startup Mistakes

Ask any entrepreneur or seasoned business owner, and they’ll tell you that when starting their business it was no easy ride.

From getting the idea off the ground to employing your first staff member, there are many hurdles that a young business has to jump before they can feel at ease.
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 The Big Data Effect

It is often said (although impossible to prove) that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. We now have access to unprecedented volumes of it and, because of our increasing ability to analyse and gain new insights from it, big data represents a unique opportunity for businesses to use it for strategic advantage.

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Five-minute money masterclass: perfecting your pricing strategy 

Deciding how much to charge customers for their wares is a tall order for entrepreneurs. But this fool-proof guide to pricing should help make life a little easier…
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 Is the finance industry for you?

The UK has a strong and established financial services market. A core part of this is the finance industry.
Our academic institutes are some of the best in the world. Professional associations and institutes are well established too. All of this helps the finance industry establish a strong presence in the country and beyond. It’s a very sound and stable industry to consider as a career. But how do you get there? And how do you know if it’s the right industry for you?

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using Cloud-Accounting in your Business?

Cloud-accounting has certainly seen a substantial increase in demand. KPMG, a global brand, has invested a significant amount of money into this emerging technology. But they’re not the only ones excited by the advances. Many small firms of accountants in the UK have embraced the cloud in a big way. This has helped bring many small businesses improve their book-keeping and accounting function.

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AA Accountants set the standard by being accredited as an Investor in the Environment

AA Accountants in Peterborough were recognised as a business who has implemented an environmental management plan to reduce its environmental impact.





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