The magical growth in my profits is truly amazing. If you want to seriously grow your profits and pay a lot less tax then you must work with aa accountants

Abdul Aziz

Managing Director, Adam's Cash & Carry

The real wizardry in business…

Too many ‘experts’ tell you how good they are – this tends to be their own opinion. But the results achieved by their clients reveal a very different picture.  If you want to gauge how good someone is in their chosen field – look at their business – this’ll tell you all you need to know.

Sound business experience comes from having achieved results yourself. I’m proud to admit that I’ve had some awesome achievements. But I’ve also made massive mistakes. It’s through those mistakes that I’ve gained my most invaluable insights.

The truth of the matter is results come from practical application. The magical formula for success is embedded in tried, tested and trusted business strategies. As the Profit Wizard I will galvanise you to take real action. Real action leads to real results. Real results lead to real success. And that’s the Real Wizardy.

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If you’re ready to be guided, challenged and held accountable in order to become more successful – then give me a call.



Fixed fees and bespoke pricing

Hourly ambush billing is grossly unfair. How is it fair you pay more just because it takes someone longer to do your job?

Fixed fee pricing ensures you have clarity, comfort and control.  No tricks or nasty surprises. You agree your fee in advance – that’s what you pay – simple. Our fixed fee policy means time-based billing is a thing of the past. We’ll take care of ensuring you receive the service promised to you…

…Cast-iron money back guarantee

Unlike Houdini we won’t try to escape! Quite simply, if we don’t deliver on our promises then you pay us what you feel is an appropriate fee. This’ll give you the confidence to do business with a partner who takes responsibility for their actions.

Tax savings

Why would you want to pay more than you need to? It’s insane isn’t it! Reducing your tax liabilities isn’t a shady black art. It’s about careful and considered legal tax planning & mitigation.

The collective tax saved by our clients runs into the millions. This doesn’t happen by chance. It happens through two regular & focused annual tax planning meetings. Does your current accountant offer this high level of service?

Our clients continually make wise choices by investing in our services and expertise. And they’re enjoying the benefits. More money in their pocket rather than the taxman’s!


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