57 Ways to Grow Your Business

Tried, tested and triumphant ways to grow your business successfully

All the ideas in this book ultimately revolve around four basic insights on how to grow a business.

You can:

  1. Increase the number of customers
  2. Increase the number of times each one does business with you
  3. Increase the average value of each transaction
  4. Increase your own effectiveness and efficiency

Here are some other business principles that we will explore in the book:

  • What you can measure you can manage
  • Build in unique core differentiators and focus on them constantly –it’s more important to be different than it is to be better
  • Cutting the price is always an option but there is usually a better way – increasing value
  • Break compromises and lower the barriers to people doing business with you
  • Systemise every aspect of your business
  • Empower your team to make it right for every customer
  • Create a clear and detailed action plan so you can start enjoying the benefits today

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What’s the best test you know of a great Accountant? They really know their stuff? Are they personable? They listen more than talk? When they talk they’re truly insightful?
Well, Shaz passes all of those tests with flying colours. But by far the most important test is this one: what do clients say and feel about him?
I had the opportunity to put that test into action in February 2012 with Shaz. And I’ve never heard or seen clients so connected to any Accountant before. Here’s a group of great clients, many of whom would never consider a move in their business without consulting Shaz.
Add to the fact that he’s simply a great bloke and you begin to get the picture that Shahzad Nawaz is a very, very special person. And that special-ness flows over (as you’d imagine) into his team. He’s created something quite special at AA Accountants — something you’ll enjoy as much as I do.
Paul Dunn

Chairman , Buy 1 Give 1